Free Poetry Courses-

It’s a pretty exciting time when you can take University courses for free.

I’ve signed up for a course through The University of Iowa on How Writers Write Poetry.

I’m looking forward to taking the course, and I hope that I can learn some things, and open up my creative mind, so I can figure out what to do with all the jumbled words and ideas I’ve collected below:

A lock of red hair in a clear velum envelope.
A woman in lace and silk underwear standing in a Parisian hotel room she is smoking a cigarette and leaning over the iron rod railing of her balcony.
A dilapidated building.
A marble façade of angles and gargoyles leaning over ornate gigantic wooden doors.
A painting of a naked woman lounging on a blue chair she is looking over her shoulder at her painter and the viewer.
Black notes on a sheet of music.
Cobblestone streets. Pebbled roads. Graveled lanes. Brick walkways.
Milk spilled over a linoleum floor.
Wood paneled walls.
A white clawed foot tub. A gold faucet.
A glass filled with rusted water.
Water bubbling into a pool of blue and gold.

Trains like caterpillars

Black dawn,
She is rising now

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