Only Your Hands

What hands you have.
What touch.
When I dream of your
I miss you,
but awake,
not much.

Itchi, teachi, talki
be me, be me, be me,
you, you, you,
are only,

Massage, memory,
What hands you have
Your touch,

if only,
you didn’t want
love so much,
your hands,
your hands,
those were what
I missed,
not your heart,
not your love,
not your kiss,

those beautiful

The Bend in The Road

The Bend in The Road

Let’s try this again.
I’ll meet you at the bend.

There will be roses and
other flowers in bloom.

The dust will be high,
to challenge the mood,
maybe, we’ll have smoke
or a thick misty fog
something for drama to
build the suspense.

I’ll stand in the road
you stand at the fence
both are at the bend in the road.

The scent of the roses
will hit first
and memories of walks
and talks and passion
will return

“oh, I remember the
park when we laid in
the grass.”

“I remember the
rain as it fell
on our heads.”

“The smell of the
douglas trees in the woods.”

At the bend in the road
when the dust settles
the mist blows away
and the smoke dissipates

We will see each other
standing as we promised.
You will know me but
I wont know you.

I had two loves
both walked away
commitments not meant for me.
Who was the real one
I never can say
but one will show
at the bend in the street.

I wanted you most
to be by my side
but it’s the one with
the courage that decides to arrive.

I don’t know you
but you know me
and its at the bend in the road
where we finally meet.