The Party Trick

To impress us
Crystal plucked a burning
coal from the fire pit.

Such a primal
thing, playing with
fire, Prometheus knew this.

We watched besieged
by battlements of
concern, contempt,and curiosity.

Coyotes howled
some distance away
as her hands trembled
with red heat.
Their songs were
not for us.

I turned my
ear toward the
deep woods waiting
for the echo of prey.
Prey never echoes.

Crystal’s palms lifted
night-ward bright, but
not seared. We
observed the flesh
ebb from pink to white.

Shadows danced
her visage stretched
her smile pulled
her face elongated
her black hair
a fire witch.

Cinder ash night
Fire scents, and
Coyote sirens
rising in pitch
our laughter tremulous
after the party trick
moments before a kill.

Dinner cowards beneath
trees and shrubs
as we are called
to the house
to feast.

Crystal applauds to us
to us all
the fire the food the great woods
and the night eyes glowing in the

(Rewrite from 2009 draft)

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