Two Poems for Van Gogh

Van Gogh’s Favorite Color was Yellow

A firecracker shot
Over golden sunflowers, and lavender lilies.
Past people eating potatoes, and
Round full bodies bent
Over rows of crimson, and
Purple grapes.

Thick strokes of yellow wheat,
Painted blue sky, and flocks,
Flocks of black crows,
Flying, as if startled.

Crying from cafes, and
Swirling starry nights,
Climbing maddened trees
Stomping through tactile gardens.

So quite, like a scarecrow,
You gripped your palette.
Supplicating in your blue smock,
Orange Dutch beard,
Vermillion at your feet.

Brother love,
Cradling your wrapped, and quartered ear.
Empty, waiting.
Wrapped like a monk in the warm color of yellow.

While you lived they never once
Reached to touch your dark wounded face.


La Tristesse Durera Toujour
The Sadness Will Last Forever

Bleeding from a razor;
Dull, so he had to dig in and saw – to and fro – back n forth
till he removed the ear.
Bandaged in bed, only a brother to love him
and love
was all he wanted to share.

Empty exploding heart
Rejected by the world
Falling on his knees in a field of gold

And love

We love him now
Like we love, all things, too late.

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