About Flecks of Poetry’s A Chatoyant Fleck

I don’t claim to be a poet. Not in the professional sense. However, I do write, and like many people, I love to write poetry. I love to read it, and I imagine in another life maybe I will be a poet. As for today, all I want is to get better at writing it.

That’s what this blog is about; Reading poetry, reading about poetry and poets, and learning to write better poems.

I Do have Some Education

I received a B.A in Theatre Performance at CSU Chico in California, along with a workshop at the New Actors Studio in New York City. I also received a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in writing from PSU Portland in Oregon. I received a certificate of Mastery in Writing from The Attic Antheneum. I also received a facilitator certificate for coaching in writing through Write Around Portland. I was a volunteer coordinator for The Attic with Wordstock. I was awarded a scholarship from the NW Writers Workshop, Millions of Intricate Pieces, and lastly I was awarded a scholarship to attend writing workshops at Lewis & Clark through their continuing education program.

I wrote the poem Chatoyant fleck while in school at PSU. It’s the only poem I ever wrote that any of my professors ever told me was any good. The best compliment I ever received from any teachers or professors regarding me as a writer was that I was tenacious. So, I may not be a very good writer, but I don’t give up.

A Chatoyant Fleck

My mother had given me a tiger’s eye quarts ring. It was too big for any of my fingers, but I loved it because I thought the stone was beautiful. I loved the way the light flickered in the stone. It was exactly how a cat’s eye looked when a light hit one’s eye. My mom died in 2014, and somehow over the years the ring was lost.

What is A Chatoyant Fleck? It is a poem about an heirloom, it is a poem about something beautiful, and something flawed, and how quickly life can pass. It’s a poem about a ring my mother gave me. It’s about losing a mother.

It’s about being tenacious.

A Chatoyant Fleck

Mother’s Necklace
Lobster claw clasp
golden chain
Tiger’s eye in saw tooth bezel.

Dull, damaged, piece of glass
monolithic stone
convex empty stomach.

Mother’s Legacy
a chatoyant fleck, like light
in the blink of a cat’s eye.

This blog is collection my own poems. It is about videos and readings from poets I like, and writings by and about poets and writers I admire.

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